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Congratulations to our Instagram winners @alicerosejohnson and @rachelking1992 ! We will be in touch shortly to arrange the delivery of your Halloween treats!
B.fresh pumpkin picking @greenfieldsfarmshop! #wellywednesday
Half term is in full swing, what have you got planned this week?  Take some B.fresh juices for a healthy snack
Good luck to all those taking part in the Great South Run in Portsmouth today! Or simply getting up early to do some exercise. Refresh post run with a delicious cold pressed juice #strawberryfields
Our apples come from Wye Valley Farm and straight into the juicer!  #worldappleday
COMPETITION TIME! Trick-or-healthy-treat? We’ve teamed up with our friends @propercorn and we have 3 sets of healthy #Halloween treats to giveaway! Like and follow for a chance to #win!
A fun filled afternoon bringing the rolling countryside to campus at Kent Uni 🚜
Looks like @kimberleygarner is about to enjoy a delicious B.fresh juice with Brunch! #regram #bfresh #juices #healthy #b_freshjuice #brunch #food #foodie #madeinbritain #lifestyle #vegetables #raw #coldpressed #juicing
In case you missed it last month we launched #goldenglow, a delicious new juice featuring turmeric.
Brighten up your #monday with a #greenwarrior, available @bootsuk. (Great photo taken by @danirowruns!) #mondaymotivation
It's nearing the end of our spinach growing season. But that doesn’t mean anything slows down in the juicery, we juice all year round!
Beetroot is full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Find out the benefits of beetroot with our delicious beets range.
Thanks for the shoutout @threebrits. Anyone else tried our #strawberryfields #greenwarrior or #goldenglow this week?
Who's taking advantage of #ChocolateWeek? We certainly are! 'Cacao nibs' and oats soaked in our tasty #sweetgreens juice make a delicious combination in this beautifully balanced breakfast bowl!
These sheep are lapping up the Autumn sunshine this #wellywednesday! ☀️
Thanks for the shoutout from @amritpalghatora. Lovely photo of our juice range, let us know what you think of the different flavours!

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27 October

Celery is a great source of vitamin K and Potassium. Our delicious #leanandgreen juice is 30% celery. #projuice

26 October

Congratulations to our Twitter winner @Daneeka ! We will be in touch shortly to arrange the delivery of your Hallow…


Cold Pressed Juice from UK based B.fresh

Most of the fruit and vegetables cold pressed into a bottle of B.fresh raw juice, are grown on our farm and pressed in our Shropshire juicery. If we can't grow it, we know who does - provenance is key.

Fresh vegetables, fruit and leafy greens are washed with spring water off the farm and are then ready for pressing. Rather than traditional pasteurising methods, we use a very clever HPP process which kills any bacteria, but retains far more of the nutrients and vitamins and allows our juices to be stored in the refrigerator for 21 days.

Our range of green, purple and orange juices come in a variety of flavours to suit cold pressed juice novices, explorers, or hardcore juicers and we even have a selection of convenient cold pressed juice box sets. As our juices are lower in natural sugar and calories, it makes our cold press juice drinks a healthy option to have in your everyday diet.

If you don't want sugar-laden juice, but more healthy fruit and vegetables in your diet, then try our fantastic cold pressed juice drinks and add more of the good stuff to your daily routine.

Delivery is £3.95 or FREE on orders of 12 juices or more.