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Vegetable Rut sound familiar? Try something new.

Mar 14th, 2018

It’s so easy to get stuck in a cooking rut and eat the same vegetable group day in day out. We all have our go to recipes and our favourite foods we automatically pick up when we go food shopping. Plantbased Pixie has some suggestions of vegetable that you may not have considered before.

Vegetable rut…be gone!

This month, I challenge you to try something new and exciting. I challenge you to try a new vegetable every week this month. Here are my suggestions:


Romanesco vegetable ROMANESCO FUN FACT

This is probably the most beautiful vegetable you’ll ever come across. Romanesco tastes like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli, but without any of the bitterness. It’s a great alternative. Try chopping it into florets and using instead of broccoli or roasting a whole one as a substitute for cauliflower cheese. We found ours at Ocado.

Spaghetti Squash

While my favourite squash may be of the Butternut variety, you can’t beat how cool the Spaghetti Squash looks once cooked. When it’s raw, the inside is solid and just like other squash varieties, but when cooked the flesh falls away in strands like spaghetti. Now I’m not saying you should use it as a substitute for regular spaghetti, but as an addition, and potentially as a way to get kids more excited about the vegetable too.

SQUASH FUN FACT Spagetti Squash vegetable


There are two parts to the Chicory plant that are awesome. Firstly, the leaves (red or green with white tips) are delicious and spice up any salad. Why not try it instead of iceberg or mixed with spinach. Secondly, the chicory root is high in inulin, a source of soluble dietary fibre. It’s a wonderful prebiotic that’s growing in popularity as an addition to food products (like the B.fresh Super Smoothies!) so we, as a population, can get more fibre into our diets!

Chicory vegetable CHICORY FUN FACT


Some may find the earthy flavours too much, but there’s a way everyone can enjoy beetroot! We know it’s potential benefits after exercise, but that doesn’t have be the only time you enjoy it. If you’re a fan, roast in the oven with squash, or if you’re getting used to it then try thin slices in a salad. Or indeed you can drink it! There’s a great recipe on Rebel Recipe‘s site you can try out here.


Globe Artichokes

Artichoke season is just beginning. Although it peaks around May, you should start seeing them in supermarkets in the fresh produce section rather than just in jars. Don’t get me wrong, the jars of artichoke hearts are great, but they’re no match for the fresh in-season wonder that is a whole artichoke. Boil or steam the whole head and enjoy by peeling off the leaves one at a time and dipping in a rich and delicious sauce like hollandaise, garlic butter, hummus, or anything yoghurty. It’s also time to grow your own so why not buy some seeds and start your own vegetable patch!

artichoke vegetable ARTICHOKE FUN FACT

Let us know how you get on…

Pixie x

Plantedbased Pixie


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