The importance of self care

Jul 26th, 2019

In today’s busy world, when the pressure is on to achieve and succeed, often the first thing to get neglected is our own self care.

It’s somewhat a ‘buzz word’ concept these days; and is talked about more and more as something we should all be thinking about and incorporating in our lives.  But what really IS self care, and why is it important?

The dictionary definition of self care is; “the actions we take to look after ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally.” It’s about developing, improving and protecting our health, well-being and wellness; from the basic needs such as getting enough sleep or having a shower every morning to nourishing ourselves and our souls in a way that makes you feel your best.

But self care certainly goes beyond spa days and bubble baths; it isn’t selfish, and we all need to prioritise it more.  Just like a car can’t keep driving without fuel, MOTs and repairs, we can’t function without looking after ourselves.  It’s a work in progress and knowing that even just small steps can go a long way, and we wanted to share our five top tips for self care with you today.

  1. Know that no one is you, and that is your power

We are all unique in many different ways from our goals and ambitions to how we look.  Instead of comparing yourself to others – from friends and colleagues to Instagram accounts and celebrities remember your superpower is just being you.  Prioritising self care means understanding self love too, and caring for our bodies from a place of unconditional love.

  1. Put down your phone..

OK, so you’re probably reading this blog post from your phone right now and before this maybe you were checking out some Instagram stories or scrolling through Facebook.  That’s OK, but sometimes, it’s good to disconnect to the internet so that you can reconnect with real life too.  Try a screen time app to check out how long you spend on your phone and you’ll soon be encouraged to step back every so often.

  1. Go outside

Whether it’s a quick lunch break stroll through the park, an outdoor yoga session or a chilled out evening in your garden, being outdoors and amongst nature can do great things for your well-being and self care.

  1. Move in a way that works for you

You certainly don’t need to be in the gym every morning to see the benefits exercise can have for self care.  But movement is important; and endorphins from exercise really can help with your energy levels.  Some of our self care fitness tips are:

  • Find a buddy; working out with someone else makes it so much more fun and can make it easier to understand a new form of exercise too
  • Do an exercise you enjoy that makes you feel happy; why not try something new like a dance class or running club?
  • If you are new to a gym or confused and scared about using the equipment, get some help from a personal trainer, even if just for one session, and ask as many questions as you can.

You don’t need to be a full out meditation expert, but try connecting with your breath next time you feel a little anxious or stressed.  Just a minute or two of deep breathing can work wonders, and there are plenty of apps available too if you’re curious to find out more about meditation.  ‘Headspace’ and ‘Calm’ are great for beginners.

From prioritising sleep to getting creative and finding time to connect with activities and people that you care about, just the smallest acts of self care can go a long way for your well-being.

We hope you’ve learnt a few new tips, and to find out more about Self Care and the ‘Best You Self Care’ community and wellness events, please visit @bestyouselfcare on social media.

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