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Apr 4th, 2019

Take the Shot!

You may have seen that we recently launched a small but mighty range of Cold Pressed Shots.

Cold Pressed Shots

Celebrating our British farming roots, the three Shots major on what is grown here in the UK. We at B.fresh like to think of ourselves as being custodians of putting meaningful amounts of ‘greens’ in our juices and these SHOTS are no different.

So, if we say we’ve put Kale in – you will find Kale in a plentiful amount! Now we accept that this can make things challenging for some! However, the health benefits outweigh this for our consumers who appreciate our upfront, straight forward approach.

Supporting British Farming

Co-op has listed these 70ml Shots and they are now available in over 270 stores nationwide. Co-op is really supportive of our farming heritage. We share a lot of the same values. King Kale and Ginger Fix are available and are in their meal deal so look out for them.

Co-op Shots

The benefits of Shots

The three Shots are packed full of vitamins to answer various needs that our busy lifestyles through at us:

  • Rocket Fuel is High in Vitamin D3 for when you’re missing the sun
  • King Kale is High in Vitamin B6 for when you’ve overdone it and are hanging – it happens!
  • Ginger Fix is High in Vitamin C for when you need that power boost

Instagood reaction

The Shots have pricked interest on Instagram since their launch. We’ve had some great reactions. People use Shots to get them going in the morning. As an alternative to reaching for the caffeine. Before hitting the gym. The usage is endless however, they don’t suit all! We thought that Henry Wade’s reaction after drinking King Kale was priceless.

King Kale Shot

However, we’re happy to report he was the minority! He loved Ginger Fix!

If you can’t get hold of them in a Co-op near you. Buy them direct from us online.

Go on…#TakeTheShot

Team B.fresh x


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