The Story Behind B.fresh...


Wilfred Maddocks outside Wyndford Mill House in the 1930's.


Maddocks' lorry loaded with potatoes for Gateshead Market - 1978.


Wilfred and his wife Doris (centre) on their wedding day - 1929

Philip Maddocks, a third-generation farmer born and bred in Shropshire, founded B.fresh in 2014. Philip’s grandfather, Wilfred grew vegetables for the markets with 1 acre of land from the 1930s. Wilfred grew this into a successful and respected farming enterprise which Philip’s father and now brother have continued in the same spirit. Philip’s passion for salad and determination to drive new opportunities inspired him to create B.fresh. His genuine love and respect of the land, desire to grow the very best produce, and passion for innovation is at the heart of everything we do here at B.fresh.

The B.fresh family is a small but happy one and we pride ourselves on our commitment to growth, innovation and nurturing produce from the farm all the way to your fridge.

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