Our Process

Learn all about how we make our juices, from the fields all the way to your fridge...

Cold Press...

Nutrients and vitamins don’t fare well with heat, so we use a totally cold process to keep higher levels of them in our drinks than you’d find in pasteurised juices.

Our produce comes in from the fields or from our trusted growers, is given a good wash (because soil is not a superfood no matter what people may tell you!) before it’s chopped and cold pressed. The juice is then blended to our own recipes and bottled.

Ever made juice at home? It doesn’t last very long does it…that’s why we use High Pressure Processing (HPP).


High Pressure Processing...

The bottles of juice are popped into a high-pressure chamber, which is flooded with cold water and subjected to 3 minutes of high pressure – 6000 bars of pressure to be precise – which in laymen terms is equal to five times the pressure you’d find at the bottom of the deepest ocean (we don’t recommend climbing inside…)

The result is smoothies and juice that are packed full of vitamins, nutrients and delicious flavour and will stay fresh in your fridge for longer… safely.


  • No heat used so the taste is fresher
  • 96% more nutrients are preserved (WAY better than pasteurisation)

It’s a no brainer really, move over pasteurisation, HPP is king!

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So now you know why cold pressing makes the best kind of juices and smoothies with the freshest flavour, whilst keeping as many of those all-important nutrients and minerals as possible, why not take your pick from our full range of juices, shots and smoothies?

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