Keeping it Green

Apr 12th, 2021

As a small business, sustainability is incredibly important to us and we believe we are taking the right steps to become as green as possible, such as using solar panels to power our factory & using recyclable materials! Here are some more things we are doing to become more sustainable.

Recyclable Materials & Packaging

All of our packaging is recyclable. This includes the box itself, the paper insulation & the gel pack! Although they are plastic, our bottles are also fully recyclable and are made from recycled materials. We have big plans for our packaging, with biodegradable bottles and boxes in the pipeline!

Solar Powered Factory

That’s right! Our factory is largely powered by solar panels! Using solar power has many benefits for the environment and not many other companies have taken this route towards renewable energy. Solar power is pollution free and causes no greenhouse gases & the renewable power is available every day of the year, even on cloudy days!

Wonky Veg

Over 10 million tonnes of fruit and veg is thrown away each year, simply because they don’t look quite right. Essentially ‘wonky veg’ is the term used for this wasted food but in fact, not everything is wonky at all! The food items are rejected because they are slightly too small, absolute giants or have tiny spots and scars. They’re exactly as healthy and delicious as any other fruit or vegetables and we are helping towards reducing the global waste crisis!

Grown on The Farm

We’re British farmers based in Shropshire, surrounded by fields of leafy greens. For three generations, the Maddocks family have been here farming, so we know our produce. Right here on the farm is where we press and bottle our juices – so trust us, we know where it’s come from. Sadly, the great British climate doesn’t allow us to grow everything we need to make sure our healthy juices are crammed full of the most delicious fruit and veg. So, we source the freshest produce from growers we know, so that we can keep you fuelled with the tastiest juices all year round.


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