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May 11th, 2015

Beetroot juice in the spot light as the ‘healthiest juice’

We were delighted to see this piece in the Daily Mail this week featuring our Cold Pressed Pure Juice #totalbeets in an article explaining the many benefits of drinking the jewel coloured beetroot juice.

The Daily Mail feature read:
If you’re worried about sugar levels in fruit juices, vegetable juices are the answer.

Lower in sugar, and high in vitamins and antioxidants, veggie juices have long been the nutritionists’ favourite, and vividly- coloured beetroot juice is one of most delicious.
Drunk by athletes at the London Olympics, beetroot juice has been a sales hit as interest in its health benefits has grown.

High in nitrates, which help the body use less oxygen and so boost endurance, beetroot juice is particularly popular with runners, walkers and cyclists.
They like the fact that the nitrates in it convert into nitrites in the body, which are believed to increase blood flow.
The juice is also high in folic acid, making it beneficial to pregnant women or ones who are looking to conceive, and is also proved to reduce blood pressure.

B.Fresh, which makes cold-pressed fruit and veg juices at its family-run farm in Shropshire, says that demand for beetroot juice is so great the firm has just introduced a new variety made almost entirely of beetroot juice — its highest concentration yet.

Called #totalbeets, it’s 95 per cent beetroot and 5 per cent lemon juice, and a 250ml bottle contains just 104 calories. Katie Briggs, from B.Fresh, says: ‘We already had a range of juices which were blended with beetroot juice.
‘But after clinical trials showed that drinking a 250ml glass of beetroot juice lowered blood pressure, and in response to all the runners and cyclists in our team who kept asking for it, we decided to produce a total beetroot juice. The addition of a little lemon juice gives the root vegetable a very light lift, making it a really refreshing drink.’

The 250ml bottles are £2.50 each and available online, delivered direct to your door. Shop our beetroot juice range click here

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