Cold pressed juices with water

Hydration. Healthy Alternatives to Keep Thirst at Bay

Jun 29th, 2018

So in the throws of this lovely summer weather we felt it relevant to talk hydration. We’ve also just launched Watered Up a range of cold pressed juice blended with lemon infused water so seemed silly not to talk about it!

Thirst quenching goodness

So our bodies are 60% water by weight, and proper hydration is absolutely essential for our overall health. The liquid we consume optimises blood pressure, regulates body temperature, lubricates joints, moves waste out of the body, and aids in digestion. All pretty important stuff in our opinion. The message is a long standing one which we should all be well versed in, however can still be one of the important daily routines we don’t stick to. Some of us just find water…boring. The alternatives to this can then be too sweet or too high in caffeine (tea & coffee). We see hydration as a crucial part of our healthy diet and so just as we do with our food, we should mix it up.

How much hydration

Drinking enough fluids during the day is important for productivity as well as staying healthy and as we spend the largest part of lives here at work we need to give this focus. You should aim to have the equivalent of 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day, however many experts recommend drinking to thirst, i.e. if you are thirsty, drink! Also, don’t forget that if you are thirsty you can mistake this for hunger. Grab a drink first before you dive in for a snack!

Keep an eye on your pee…

Signs that you may be dehydrated include loss of appetite, dry mouth, mild constipation, and temporary light-headedness. A good measurement of your level of hydration is the colour of your pee. Pale coloured urine indicates adequate hydration while darker coloured pee is a sign that your body needs more fluids.

Hot shots

Tea & coffee make up this amount however try to limit the amounts you drink and try alternatives like green tea. We love the teas from Tea Pigs who have a taster pack so you can try out a variety of their flavours. They have some fab Iced Tea recipes for summer you can check out to keep you hydrated.

Cold pressed juices with water

Sneak in one of your five a day

Juices and smoothies also count. Take care to check out the sugar levels here though. If they are pure fruit try and stick to 150ml a day. Clearly we need to talk about our offer here!! We use vegetables in our recipes to add more variety of vitamins and nutrients whilst also pulling down the natural sugars present. Not only will this provide you with hydration, but you’ll get one of your five a day in the process.

Be prepared

Having water on the move is the best way to make sure you never run dry. Get a good glass or water bottle that you’re happy to have with you. Try one that keeps your water cool, we LOVE Chilly’s Bottles. Super cool designs that will make you want to keep hydrated!

Chilly's bottles

Move it

Refuse a colleague’s offer for a cup of tea. No not because you shouldn’t drink it, but don’t forget to get up and make your own! All extra physical activity is good for your health. Grab a glass of water every time you have a cup of tea or coffee as well.

Need more flavour

We’ve got your back! Watered Up has just landed online and is a delicious blend of cold pressed juices infused with lemon water. We’ve also added a healthy dose of vitamin D in to the mix for when the sun doesn’t shine. You can order online and get your weekly pack sorted to grab and go. The bottles are 500ml so help towards your daily goal. They’re low in sugar and add to one of your five a day.

We’ve got an introductory offer on a box of these waters giving 15% off til the end of July.

Cold pressed juices with water

Dive in the Water’s fresh…healthy hydration that tastes like summer in a bottle!

An extra prompt required

If you’re still forgetting to take in that all important hydration throughout the day, why not use a free app to track your water intake. There are plenty of apps that will give you a nudge when you need to take a sip. We like the look of this one My Water Balance.

So guys the temperatures are rising. Grab your liquid of choice and make sure you keep hydration top of your To Do list!

Team B.fresh x

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