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Good gut health – the secret to mental well-being!

Jul 20th, 2020

A growing body of research suggests a link between gut health and mental well-being.

One in four of us will experience a mental illness (1). Take a second to let that sink in…

There are many factors that have been linked to an increased susceptibility to mental health problems, but one has become increasingly noticed by scientists: A poor-quality diet. It’s no coincidence that as fast food and sugary drinks have exploded in popularity, we are suffering more mental health issues than ever.

gut health

Healthy gut – healthy mental state

A nutrient-rich diet, however, is actually essential for safeguarding mental well-being. 90% or our serotonin (the happy hormone) is made in the gut, and therefore optimal gut health is vital for managing a healthy and happy mental state. We must look at this aspect of our health as a piece in the jigsaw puzzle when it comes to supporting mental health issues.

gut health

We spoke to Naomi Langford-Archer (2), a gut health specialist and registered nutritional therapist, to ask her advice on how we can improve our own gut health. She works to treat the root of mental illness, not just the symptoms, learning from her own experiences with gut health relating to mental health.


How can you improve your gut health?

  • Eat/drink pre-&probiotic foods/drinks – these are full of good bacteria and are one of the best ways to diversify your microbiome.
  • Increase your fibre The best way to do this is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables. They contain the food for your good bacteria.
  • Reduce sugar and processed food intake. Fast food, sugary drinks and ready meals are cheap and easy but won’t do your gut any good.
  • Eat local and a variety of responsibly grown, fresh foods.


An easy way to increase your fibre intake and put something good in your gut is with our Super Smoothies: Green Guru and Berry Boss. Not only are they bursting with active cultures, but they also contain over 8g of fibre per serving!

green guruberry boss

So put something good in your gut and try our Berry Boss and Green Guru Super Smoothies. The active cultures are the dairy-free probiotics that increase your microbiome and so help support healthy digestion naturally. Available direct online at 

Stay Healthy

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(1) NHS England
(2) Naomi Langford-Archer  @gutnutrition

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