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Five Winter Fitness Tips To Keep You Motivated

When Winter arrives, a cosy night in on the sofa often becomes much more tempting than the gym. However, finding motivation at this time of year is so important for staying healthy. We’ve rounded up our five top Winter fitness tips to keep your exercise game on track in the colder months.

1. Bag yourself some new kit

Don’t know about you, but nothing gets us more excited for the gym than some snazzy new workout gear! Treat yourself as we hit Winter so that you’re ready to face any weather… those leggings you’ve been drooling over paired with that motivational tee might just be the nudge you need to keep your Winter fitness regime going.

Bag yourself some new kit

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2. Create a new playlist to keep you motivated

Listening to music has been known to help with exercise performance, at the very least it can make your workout more enjoyable and so lead to you working harder and longer! Whatever takes your fancy, from hip hop to 80’s power ballads (nobody is judging..!), downloading a new workout playlist is a sure-fire way to get you up off the sofa if you’ve lost some motivation. There are even apps such as Rock My Run that automatically adjusts the music to sync with steps or heart rate!


Create a new playlist to keep you motivated


3.Try out a new indoor class at the gym

Ok we can’t lie, it is getting cold outdoors now, so if you really can’t face it, why not try a new Winter fitness class (something indoors, where it’s toasty and warm). Trying something new is a good way to keep things interesting if you’re bored of your usual routine, there are so many different classes you can do now from yoga to trampolining (There’s really no excuse.) Lululemon offer free classes in their Regents Street store on Saturday mornings! Check it out here. You can even grab a B.fresh in the Neat Nutrition café to refresh post class.


Take a midday break to make the most of the daylight


4. Take a midday break to make the most of the daylight

Winter means waking up when it’s dark and leaving work when it’s dark, boo! That’s why it is all the more important to try and get outside in the middle of the day. If it works for you, try going for a run on your lunch break and nothing beats getting your workout done early. If that isn’t an option, try and get outside for a short walk, even if it’s just around the block or to the shop – you’ll feel better for getting moving and seeing that glimpse of the sun. (When it’s out…)

5. Get yourself a training partner

Everything is more fun with a friend! When that voice in your head is telling you to give up, what you need is an exercise bud to tell it to bore off. Working out with a partner is a great way to give each other a bit of motivation and encouragement, and having somebody to hold you accountable for your goals means you’re much more likely to stick to them. Plus it’s a pal to have a giggle and enjoy that post workout smoothie with. We like to refuel with a B.fresh Super Smoothie! Take a look here




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