Eggcited for Easter?

Eggcited for Easter?

Apr 9th, 2020

It’s an odd one, isn’t it? A long Bank Holiday weekend looming and there’s no denying that when in isolation, it doesn’t feel as exciting as it should.

However, there’s no reason that we can’t mark Easter Sunday in some way. We’re going to be having a Zoom Easter lunch with our families. It’ll probably be fairly chaotic and noisy, but probably like most family get-togethers!

Connecting with each other, and particularly friends or family members who you know are on their own is more important than ever. Plus, unless you’re on the frontline, you most likely have the time!

Egg hunt anyone?

So just because we are at home doesn’t mean we can’t have an egg hunt, and this doesn’t just apply to kids! We’ve done a bit of googling and found a fun resource to help get your ideas flowing for egg hunt clues here.

There are great ones for kids, but we’re going to have a go at making our own clues up. Don’t judge us:

Open the fridge door

Go on…explore!

There are healthy options to set loose

You’ll find it on the bottle of …..!

We hear you. Don’t give up the day job! If you do have a go, we’d love to hear what you came up with.

And finally, breathe

Us humans are pack animals by nature. Therefore, being isolated can cause all sorts of problems for us. We hear a lot about anxiety and panic attacks and understand that breathing techniques can be hugely beneficial.

There is so much information out on social media and the internet but not all of it is helpful.

We reach out to the one resource that we know we can trust and has huge amounts of helpful information available. The NHS website.

True, there aren’t lots of beautiful Insta worthy images and it’s pretty direct, but it is written by experts and right now expert information is what we must reach out for.

Here’s a good link about breathing techniques NHS

We wish you a peaceful Easter Bank Holiday weekend and hope that you can Always Look on the Bright Side.

Stay Safe. Stay Home.

Team B.fresh x

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