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High Pressure Process (HPP)

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

To ensure the cold pressed, bottled juice arrives to you fresh, with all of its original nutrients, we use a method called HPP (High Pressure Processing) instead of the conventional method of pasteurisation.

HPP is a non-thermal food processing technology that allows juices made with vegetables and fruit to obtain a longer shelf life. The technology is softer than a conventional thermal treatment, like pasteurisation, as it doesn't modify the sensorial quality (taste) and the nutritional quality is preserved. Most importantly, High Pressure Processing inactivates spoilage micro-organisms, so that we can be sure you can safely enjoy your juice.

The bottles are put into a high pressure chamber which is flooded with cold water and subjected to 3 minutes of high pressure - 6000 bars in fact, which is the equivalent to five times the pressure in the deepest ocean. Again, no heat is used reaching a maximum of 4ᵒC. The process makes the juice both safe and gives it a shelf life of up to 30 days.

By using HPP instead of conventional heat pasteurisation we capture the fresh taste, vibrant colour and maximum health benefits of our raw vegetables and fruit.