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Cold Press

cold pressed

Why are Cold Pressed juices the healthiest choice? Cold Pressing retains up to 96% of the raw healthy goodness of our farm-grown vegetables and fruit which go straight into our delicious British vegetable juices.

Most of the ingredients in our juices arrive direct from the fields into our Shropshire Juicery as raw vegetables and fruit which is then washed in our natural farm spring water before being chopped ready to go through the cold-press. This is a series of press rollers which gives us fabulously smooth, and pulp free juice without using any heat. The juices are then mixed to make up our flavoursome recipes and nothing else is added - no sugar, no preservatives, no flavourings.

The clever part is that by not using heat we retain a much higher level of nutrients, vitamins and minerals than ordinary pasteurised juices.

We want to produce the closest thing to a raw juice as we can - safely, so we use a High Pressure Process (HPP). This method ensures our cold pressed juice is bottled fresh and safe to be stored for up to 21 days in the fridge.

Learn more about the High Pressure Process (HPP) here.

Try our raw cold pressed juices for yourself - shop our range of 12 juices here.