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"As British growers, we have a respect and understanding of the produce we grow, ensuring you get the best quality product at all times."

our story

Who we are

Philip Maddocks is a third generation farmer in the fertile county of Shropshire, and has grown salad leaf, whole-head lettuce and spinach for the past twenty years.

As home juicers for a number of years, he noted a lack of British grown and produced Cold Pressed Juice, and so decided to do it himself. He got busy, pulled the team together, designed and built a bespoke juicing facility on his farm in Shropshire, and developed our brand B.fresh. It’s something we are all very proud of.

What we do

Our produce is grown on our farm and brought fresh into the juicery for pressing and bottling. Where seasonality or climate limits us, we have well established relationships with growers who ensure we have the highest quality, fresh produce twelve months of the year.

We operate on an ‘Own-Grown or Known-Grown’ philosophy. Produce traceability is extremely important to us.

What makes us different

Provenance is the cornerstone of our business and what sets us apart from other cold pressed juices. We have had years of experience growing and procuring high quality produce, this is reflected in the high quality juice we are making fresh here in Shropshire.

We have complete control over the whole process from fresh produce in to bottles out. We hope you enjoy the ‘juice of our land’.

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